Short-term programs

Short-term programs

Creative City Sydney

Short-term empty properties

We own a number of properties, including retail and office space, across the inner-city area. From time to time these properties are empty for short periods between commercial tenancies or when repairs or upgrades are required to the buildings.

In order to make sure these spaces aren’t sitting empty and in recognition of some of the challenges facing creative projects in finding affordable, temporary inner-city spaces, we are able to make use of these properties on temporary basis for anywhere between 1 to 12 months through our short-term empty properties program.

We work with The Operative to help us find suitable projects and ideas for properties temporarily available through the program.


If you have a creative project idea, are a cultural, creative or arts-based organisation, individual or enterprise and are looking for a short-term space to showcase, start or trial your new idea or enterprise, you can register your idea and find out more about the program

Current tenants

Image: Tenants Rebecca Frost and Christian Oleo from Spunky Bruiser on Oxford Street.

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Last updated: Wednesday, 22 February 2017