Tutors and staff

Tutors and staff


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Our creative team

All of our staff and tutors at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre have tertiary degrees and Working With Children clearance.

Fiona Blanchard
BA (Art Education), Diploma of Teaching (Art Education), BFA (Stage 4 Painting)
Senior Operations Coordinator

Phil Relf
BA Communications (Theatre/Media)
Cultural Programs Coordinator (Outreach)

Rowena Hall
MFA, BVA (Photomedia), Dip (Business)
Cultural Programs Coordinator

Christie Torrington
BVA (Honours)
Cultural Programs Coordinator (Youth)

Nicole Eggers
MFA Arts (Printmaking), BFA, Dip Fine Arts
Mixed Media Tutor

Rebecca Baird
BVA (Printmaking), Dip (Ceramics)
Cultural Programs Officer (Senior Printmaking Tutor/Studio Technician)

Anthony Brink
BVA (Honours), Grad Dip (Teaching)
Cultural Programs Officer (Senior Ceramics Tutor/Studio Technician)

Susan Baran
BVA (Printmaking)
Printmaking Tutor

Sarah Newall
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours Class 1)(BVA Hons)
Bachelor Art Education (BArtEd)
Cultural Programs Coordinator (Children) 

Alida Cappelletta
BVA (Jewellery), BFA (Jewellery/Painting)
Silver Jewellery Tutor

Craig Bunker
BA (Drawing, Painting, Digital)
Digital and Mixed Media Tutor

Cita Daidone
Bachelor Education (Visual Arts)
Ceramics Tutor

Jane Caveney
MA (Visual Arts)
Painting and Drawing Tutor

Robert Ives
BVA (Printmaking)
Printmaking Tutor

Vanessa Owens
BFA (Ceramics), Dip (Fine Arts), Cert (Ceramics)
Ceramics and Mixed Media Tutor

Chris Tamm
BA (Honours)
Digital Photography and Mixed Media Tutor

Evan Wills
BVA (Ceramics), GDVA
Ceramics Tutor

Peter Dwyer
Dip Fine Arts, Advanced Dip Fashion Design
Ceramics Tutor

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