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  • Late Night Library: Frida Deguise and her dad
    Thursday 23 August 2018
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    Join an intimate and entertaining conversation between comedian Frida Deguise and her father Mohammed Daguize. They’ll recount her journey in a pursuit of creative career.

    Frida Deguise

    Dubbed Australia’s only female, Islamic comic wearing a hijab, Frida is a mother of 4, Lebanese and Muslim and totally a wog bogan, also known as wogan. She wears a Metallica shirt and makes fun of hiding explosives in her hijab – just your average Muslim girl next door. She has been described as a comedian who is “fighting the most serious topics in the world with laughter.”

    About the series

    Every parent wants the best for their child, often placing high expectations on their future plans. It’s not uncommon for parents to discourage their kids from exploring their artistic side, instead encouraging them to pick ‘safer’ career options like medicine, law or business. Creative practices are often seen as just a hobby.

    These attitudes can be more prevalent in families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Many parents are concerned about steady employment. While the challenges of working in the creative industries are well known, many artists have excelled.

    In this engaging series, we meet 3 of these artists and explore their journeys. Sitting down with their parents for a chat, they’ll be sharing their ups and downs, and the role that their family and culture has played.

    How were their aspirations received and did they need to convince their parents to support their choice? How did they overcome any discouragement? Do they have any words of advice for aspiring artists or parents from diverse backgrounds?

    Customs House Library
    Thursday 23 August 2018 from 8pm to 9pm
  • Late Night Library: Rethink the radical - genderfication
    Thursday 27 September 2018
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    8 artists transition a Jacobean speech in a cultural battle between biology and genderfication.

    This artwork deals with the concepts of gender, inclusive of binary gender identification, as opposed to biological sex. Is gender required for contemporary story telling? An experiment, to glean if an audience gets the same story. Its orientation, complication and resolution regardless of artists’ gender or sex.

    Each artist performs an anonymous Jacobean monologue, thoughtfully shifting pronouns and structure. Each one is unique. Actors are unaware of each other’s text.

    Using voting cards, the audience asks a series of questions relating to what it sees, perceives and hears. It also asks about the impact of the story and whether performers’ gender identification plays a role.

    Host: Dr Jessica Kean, Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney.

    Artists: Mara Aplin, Muhammad Ali Q | Amar, Andrew Guy, Sophie Kelly, Kipp Lee, Ladonna Rama and Rosie.

    Original concept: Curly Fries.

    About the series

    This exciting Late Night Library series is presented with The Leftovers. It disrupts with provocative performances that investigate the nature of humanity.

    From those curious about culture to emerging performers and producers looking to connect with others in the industry – come and rethink the radical.

    This free event is suitable for adults only. Bookings are recommended as places are limited.

    Surry Hills Library
    Thursday 27 September 2018 from 8pm to 9pm

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