KGV gym

KGV gym

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Central Sydney gym and fitness centre

Our gym is bright, modern and spacious. We aim to provide a pleasant and motivating environment for our patrons to achieve their fitness goals. Facilities include:

  • cable and pin-loaded machine weights
  • free-weights such as dumbbells, barbells and plate-loaded
  • cardio machines such as treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, rowers and bikes
  • cardio theatre TVs
  • group fitness area, stretch and floor work area
  • suspension trainers
  • boxing equipment
  • change rooms with showers and lockers.

More information about the range of fitness classes on offer at KGV can be found below.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 6am to 8pm
Friday: 6am to 7pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 4pm
The gym is closed on public holidays


KGV gym
15 Cumberland Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
02 9244 3611

Fitness class timetable


  • 7am: Bootcamp
  • 9.30am: Heartmoves
  • 12pm: HIIT
  • 12.30pm: CrossFit
  • 1.15pm: Yoga
  • 5.30pm: Boxing


  • 7am: CrossFit, Basketball coaching
  • 12pm: CrossFit
  • 12.45pm: Pilates
  • 1pm: HIIT (Boxing)
  • 5.30pm : CrossFit
  • 7pm: Self defence


  • 7am: Yoga, Boot camp
  • 12pm: HIIT
  • 12.30pm: Yoga, Men's basketball
  • 1.15pm: CrossFit
  • 5.30pm: Circuit
  • 7pm: Martial arts


  • 7am: CrossFit
  • 12pm: CrossFit
  • 12.30pm: Mixed indoor basketball
  • 12.45pm: Pilates
  • 1pm: HIIT
  • 5.30pm: CrossFit
  • 7pm: Self defence


  • 7am: Boot camp, Basketball coaching
  • 12pm: HIIT
  • 12.30pm: CrossFit
  • 1.15pm: Yoga


  • 10.30am: Circuit
  • 1pm: Lacrosse, Self defence (Quantum martial arts)


  • 10.30am: Circuit

A panoramic shot of inside the KGV gym

Class descriptions

Enjoy the added motivation exercising with others provides at KGV’s bright, modern and spacious fitness centre.

We understand that for some people, ‘getting fit’ means losing weight or simply becoming healthier and feeling better. For others it may mean doing better in their chosen sport or competing in a fun run.

With these factors in mind, the goal of our classes is to build your physical capabilities beyond your expectations. We know what will get the best results so all you need to do is turn up good to go!

Basketball coaching

Our coaching class caters for all levels of players, even if you have never touched a basketball or if you have played for 20 years. No matter who you are, basketball fundamentals are crucial to improvement. Have fun and get fit through skills, drills and game play. 


A cardio and functional strength based class designed to improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance, along with overall strength. By combining simple, effective functional exercises that work your whole body, you can burn lots of calories and tone your body in a challenging and fun class. 

Intensity: Moderate to high.


Improve your stamina and skills in our freestyle cardio boxing class, a class incorporating upper body combinations and cardio/strength intervals to create definition and burn calories. Boxing is a fun, challenging and safe workout for all levels of fitness.

Intensity: Moderate to high.


A total body workout, each circuit training session includes a combination of both cardio exercise and strength training to help increase aerobic capacity, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and co-ordination. 

Intensity: Moderate to high. 


CrossFit is a blend of weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics – it does not specialise. It is fun and most importantly, it works. It will help you develop the base physical capabilities so you can participate more actively in your own life and community. Our daily Workout of the Day takes place in our CrossFit classes.

Intensity: High to vigorous.


Burn lots of calories and improve cardiovascular fitness with this 45 minute indoor cycling workout. Using motivating music tracks, your instructor will incorporate various drills such as hill climbs, sprints and more that will challenge you to improve your performance in every session.

Intensity: High. 


Heart Foundation Heartmoves is a gentle physical activity program open to everyone, designed to be safe for active older adults and people with stable long term health conditions. You can exercise at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere.

Intensity: Low to moderate.

HIIT boxing

This is a high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) with a boxing influence anyone can do.

Intensity: High. 

HIIT strength

This is a high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) with a strength component influence. The class can vary with the strength component depending on the instructor.

Intensity: High.


Pilates will target your core strength and stability using exercises performed on the mat. Exercises are specifically designed to improve your posture, flexibility, co-ordination and balance, with an emphasis on breathing and alignment. Pilates is for anyone wishing to increase their overall functional fitness.

Intensity: Low to moderate.


Strengthen, correct imbalances and improve flexibility with this dynamic style of yoga. The focus is on aligning and supporting the body with the changes of the seasons, along with enhancing confidence and overall wellbeing.

Intensity: Low to moderate.

A man using a large set of weights during a squat.

Gym benefits

Health assessment

To gain a general indication of your current health when you join the KGV gym, you have the option of undertaking a personal health assessment, which helps us to more effectively plan an individual exercise strategy. Available on request for term members only.

Personal training

Having your own personal trainer is a great way to accelerate results by receiving one on one coaching. To find out more about personal training packages available at KGV, send us an email

Sports facilities

Your membership fee includes casual use of the basketball, tennis and table tennis facilities.

Workout of the day

Every day the gym is open we run a workout of the day that is planned weeks in advance by professionals who incorporate a balance of movements, methods and metabolic pathways over the long term. The workouts are a blend of resistance training, cardio-conditioning and self bodyweight training.

We understand for some people 'getting fit' means losing weight or simply becoming healthier and feeling better. For others it may mean doing better in your chosen sport or competing in the CrossFit Open.

With these factors in mind, our programming goal is to build your physical capabilities beyond your expectations. We know what movements and workouts will get the best results so all you need to do is turn up good to go!

Each workout has a beginner, intermediate and advanced variation making them suitable for everyone. Always complete a 5-minute warm-up and a 5-minute cool-down and stretch before and after each workout.

 A group Pilates class

Fees and charges

We have several membership, multi-visit and casual pass options available.

Ezypay flexible

No contract month-to-month membership option. Pay as you go via fortnightly direct debit allowing you to come as often and whenever you like, no restrictions. Just give 30 days notice to leave.

Ezypay contract

Provides better value for your longer term investment in your health and wellbeing.

During the contract agreement period of either 6 or 12 months, you pay as you go via fortnightly direct debit. Billing stops at the end of the contract period. No restrictions.


Our best value for money option, by paying your membership fee up front for 12 months, you receive a discount on the full cost. No restrictions.

Gym pass Cost
12 month pre pay $876.50
12 month contract (Direct debit) $20.45*
Non contract (Direct debit) $24.05*
20 visit pack $306
Casual visit $18

* Weekly amount quoted. See contract form for specific fortnightly debit amounts.

Concession rates available. 

Casual 20-visit pack

Buy 20 casual visits in bulk at a discounted rate with 12 months to use them before they expire.

Last updated: Tuesday, 18 April 2017