Neighbourhood services

Neighbourhood services

Community programs at Pyrmont

Pyrmont Community Centre offers a range of programs and activities for people from all walks of life.

The centre’s playgroup is ideal for children aged up to 5 years, while older children have a place to hang out with their friends after school and during the holidays. Free basketball games and other great programs on offer for all ages.

For those interested in pursuing cultural activities, singing classes are available for all skill levels, while a library link is handy to connect to the City’s entire collection.

To find out more about any of these services, contact the centre.


Pyrmont Community CentreCorner John Street and Mount Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
02 9298 3134
02 9298 3130

Children and young people

0–5 year old

Below is a list of programs currently run at the centre:

  • Playgroup: Wednesday 10am. All welcome.
  • Music and Movement: Tuesday 9.45am. Contact Julie on 0401 101 171.
  • Klubko playgroup: Friday 10am.
  • Ballet/Jazz: Monday and Tuesday at 9am. Contact Jacqui on 0466 848 267.
  • Little Kickers: Thursday 9am. Call 0439 083 333 for details.

5–12 year olds

  • Karate: Thursday 5pm. Contact Phil on 9399 3863.
  • Ballet: Monday at 4:30pm. Contact Jacqui on 0466 848 267
  • Tennis: Wednesday 4pm. All welcome (Maybanke centre).
  • Soccer: Thursday 4pm. All welcome (Maybanke centre).
  • Basketball: Tuesday 4pm. All welcome (Maybanke centre).

After-school and vacation care

Our children's program, for kids aged 5 to 12 years, is run at Pyrmont Community Centre.

Children enjoying a playground.


Activity timetable


  • 9am: Ballet/Jazz (0–5 years) 
  • 9.30am: Yoga
  • 1pm: Scrabble/Mahjong 
  • 1.05pm: Cardio box 
  • 2.45pm: Line dancing 
  • 4.30pm: Ballet (5-12 years) 
  • 6pm: Pilates 
  • 7pm: Zumba 


  • 6.35am: Boot camp
  • 9am: Ballet/Jazz (0–5 years)
  • 9.45am: Music and movement (0–5 years)
  • 2pm: Over 55’s exercise
  • 3pm: Table tennis
  • 4pm: Basketball (kids: Maybanke), Ukulele class
  • 6pm: Karate
  • 6.15pm: Choir
  • 6.30pm: Urban Rec (Maybanke)
  • 7.30pm: Pilates


  • 9am: Little kickers (0–5 years)
  • 9.30am: Walking group 
  • 10am: Playgroup (0–5 years)
  • 1.05pm: Circuit
  • 2.30pm: Zumba gold
  • 4pm: Tennis (kids: Maybanke)
  • 6pm: Cardio box, Tango – Argentine
  • 7pm: Zumba
  • 7.30pm Yoga


  • 6.35am: Boot camp
  • 1.05pm: Yoga
  • 2pm: Over 55’s exercise
  • 3pm: Table tennis 
  • 4pm: Soccer (kids: Maybanke)
  • 5pm: Karate 
  • 6pm: Karate
  • 6.30pm: Urban Rec (Maybanke)
  • 7pm: Bookclub (1st Thursday each month), Photography group (3rd Thursday each month)
  • 7.30pm: Drama group


  • 9am: Yoga
  • 10am: Klubko Playgroup (0–5 years)
  • 10.30am: Stitching circle


  • 10.15am: Zumba

Library link

The City provides a library link service at our centre giving members a convenient way to request and pick up items that are held at other library branches. You need to be a library member, which is free for City residents, to use the service. The library link is unstaffed.

A group of friends sitting in Pyrmont Community Centre's library facility.

Last updated: Thursday, 19 October 2017