Music and Studio RCC

Music and Studio RCC

Make music in Redfern

Our digital sound recording studio is an accessible and easy-to-use facility for both learning and small-scale music projects.

StudioRCC is more than a low-cost recording facility – we offer exciting learning and creative workshops and courses in music and sound production for free! The courses are provided by facilitators currently working within the Aboriginal/Australian music and film industry.

Our workshops are designed for all creative levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced. We provide a welcoming environment for artists to come together to learn/create with the opportunity to perform for a live audience at the family and cultural day event every 2 months and at upcoming local festivals.

To find out more about any of the below activities on offer, contact RCC.

StudioRCC bookings

To make a booking at StudioRCC, you need to download, complete and lodge the booking application form.


Jurnan Thorn Ayerst – Redfern Community Centre29–53 Hugo Street
Redfern NSW 2016
02 9690 2149

Community activity timetable


  • 3pm–6pm: Home base youth music workshops


  • 4pm–5pm: Youth singing lessons
  • 5pm–6.30pm: Adult singing lessons 


  • 4pm–6pm: Youth song writing, beat making and recording workshop
  • 6pm–9pm: Studio technical production 


  • 5.30pm–6pm: Hip hop music business
  • 6pm–8pm: Guitar and bass lessons 

A group guitar lesson at Redfern Community Centre

Class descriptions


Group singing lessons for all levels facilitated by Australian Idol contestant Tara Del Borrello.


Intermediate to advanced classes facilitated by Troy Russell. This course is now TAFE certified.

Hip-hop music business

This is an introductory music industry program.

Create a song, record and mix. Write an artist biography. Create a media database. Write a press release for digital EP and design a digital EP cover.

A man singing into the microphone at Studio RCC

Class descriptions

Studio introductory course

The best low-cost introduction to audio engineering and computer-based recording available! You will learn how to operate the studio so you can hire it for your own projects. You will be introduced to Apple Logic and Protools software and guided through setting-up a microphone and other equipment to record voice and instruments.

You need to register with StudioRCC to participate in the course, which is made-up of 3 x 3-hour sessions. Bookings are essential.

Cost: $55/$33 concession per day

Low-cost studio access

If you've completed our studio introductory course or if you're already an experienced studio operator, you can hire our studio at low-cost.

Cost: $19.50 individuals/$51.50 commercial/groups per hour 
Studio operators: Senior $68.90/Basic $45.25 per hour

All studio users need public liability coverage for unsupervised studio use, which costs $30 for 3 months.

Studio technical production

This course is for the intermediate to advanced producer/engineer. Learn to record vocals, instruments, mix down of recording and troubleshooting.

Youth singing

This is an after school music program.

Singing lessons for all levels facilitated by Australian Idol contestant Tara Del Borrello.

Youth songwriting, beat making and recording

This is an after school music program.

Write a song, make a beat, record instruments and vocals and perform to a live audience. 

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 October 2016