Venues for hire

Venues for hire

Rooms and facilities for hire in Redfern

With its central location and excellent public transport links, Redfern Community Centre is the perfect place to hold an event for your organisation.

The community centre’s range of spaces available for hire include large areas suitable for market days and concerts, while some of the smaller rooms are perfect spots to conduct a meeting.

For further detail, contact the team at Redfern Community Centre. 


Redfern Community Centre29–53 Hugo Street
Redfern NSW 2016
02 9288 5713

Community gatherings

Ampitheatre/market area

Our ampitheatre is adjacent to the centre. It is suitable for open air concerts, performances, markets or community film nights.

To make a booking, download, complete and return the booking form to us.

Activity room

Not-for-profit/community organisations – $19.50 per hour.
Commercial, government or politicians – $31.25 per hour.
This multipurpose room is ideal for all kinds of craft activities, playgroups, wet and dry programs, cultural programs, events and community gatherings. It includes a sink and access to hot and cold water.

RCC meeting room

Meetings and classes

Commercial kitchen

Not-for-profit/community organisations – $19.50 per hour.
Commercial, government or politicians – $51.50 per hour.
Our fully equipped commercial kitchen at the centre is suitable for cooking classes, community events, wakes and catering groups.

Elders' Lounge

The Elders' Lounge is suitable for small groups. The space features several leather couches.

Meeting room

Not-for-profit/community organisations – $19.50 per hour.
Commercial, government or politicians – $31.25 per hour.

The meeting room can seat up to 12 people for small conferences, business meetings and community outreach programs.  

The Basement

Not-for profit/community organisations – $19.50 per hour. 
Commercial, government or politicians – $51.50 per hour.

The& Basement is a large versatile space that is suitable for larger gatherings such as workshops, community events, youth specific events, rehearsals, wakes and small performances. It has access to a kitchenette, lounge area, projection screen and a television with a range of seating options available. The Basement has a seating capacity of approximately 70 people.

To make a booking, download, complete and return the booking form to us.

A group guitar lesson taking place at Redfern Community Centre.

Music and performance

Performance space

Not-for-profit/community organisations – $19.50
Commercial, government or politicians – $51.50 per hour.
This versatile space (17m by 11.5m) includes a fully-sprung dance floor, sound system and projection screen. It is suitable for conferences and presentations, dance performances, theatre groups, rehearsals and visual art exhibitions. The room has a capacity of approximately 100 people and seating can be arranged as required.

Studio RCC

Cost: Individual use – $19.50 per hour.
Community groups – $19.50 per hour.
Commercial or government – $51.50 per hour.

StudioRCC is available for hire at a low-cost fee for public use.

The studio features professional sound engineering equipment and software, quality microphones, a range of instruments and a soundproofed recording booth.

To use the studio you will need to attend a short induction course to become familiar with the correct use of the studio equipment. Please contact Redfern Community Centre for further details.

Additional fees and charges

  • Studio operator (senior): $68.90 per hour
  • Studio operator (basic): $45.25 per hour
  • Public liability insurance coverage: $30 (per 3 months)
  • PA operator: $43.70 per hour
  • PA hire (no operator) standard/concession: $105.50/$50 per day
  • Small equipment (amps, mics and so on): $21.60 per day
  • Studio ticket training concession: $33 per hour unless attained through studio program coursework (please contact studio coordinator for more information).

A young man recording a singer at StudioRCC

Last updated: Tuesday, 18 April 2017