Lap swimming etiquette

Lap swimming etiquette

Etiquette is everything

Due to the popularity of our pools, lifeguards need to monitor lap lanes so they don't get too crowded.

To help everyone have a pleasant experience in the pool, we ask you to be courteous and considerate to fellow lap swimmers by following the guidelines below.

  • Select a lane based on your ability and the stroke(s) you intend to swim. See below for details.
  • Keep to the left of the lane.
  • If being passed, move to the far left of the lane and continue swimming to the end. It may be appropriate to briefly stop and give the passing swimmer space.
  • If passing, be aware of other swimmers in the lane.
  • Do not stop in the middle of the lane.
  • If you have to move across lanes, check both directions before moving.
  • When waiting at the end of the pool, move across towards the corners of the lane to allow other swimmers room to continue swimming.

Lap times

  • Slow lane: Laps slower than 60 seconds
  • Medium lane: Laps slower than 45 seconds
  • Medium fast lane: Laps slower than 40 seconds
  • Fast lane: Laps faster than 40 seconds

We try to provide a separate lane for walking/running drills in the pool whenever possible but please note that a designated lane might not be offered in peak times.

Victoria park pool lane

Lifeguards can alter the configuration at any time. They make their decision to change the set up of lanes according to demand so don't be offended if a lifeguard asks you to move to another lane.

Remember that our lifeguards are happy to assist you so if you have any questions or concerns, just ask one of the friendly team.

Check the links below to find out how many lap lanes are available (and when) at the facilities listed.


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Last updated: Thursday, 1 November 2012