Your accessibility guide to the city centre

Sydney currently has a range of accessible services to allow as many people as possible to make their way around the city centre.

You'll find an accessibility map of the city centre under Downloads below. This accessibility map includes the location of toilets, ATMs, public telephones and parking spaces. Public transport options are also marked on the map. Steep hills are marked to assist you in getting around.

Sydney For All

Access maps for other areas, including The Rocks, Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens and Darling Harbour, are available on the Sydney For All website.

Accessible Sydney app

ACD NSW has an iPhone app to help people of all ages with disability and their families to enjoy our city.

The app and directory of accessible venues provide accessibility information on restaurants, accommodation, arts and cultural venues, tourist attractions, banking, toilets and parking.

Your venue not listed? Add it to the directory.

ACD NSW received a grant from the City to develop the app. 

Accessible parking spaces

If you hold a Mobility Parking Permit, you can enjoy free parking for a certain period of time in designated parking zones. This applies to parking zones with meters or ticket machines.

You can make use of free accessible parking for the following periods of time:

  • an unlimited amount of time in parking zones of more than 30 minutes
  • up to 2 hours in parking zones of 30 minutes
  • up to 30 minutes in 5 minute parking zones.

You must move your car during the times shown on the sign for the following zones:

  • Bus Lane
  • Clearway
  • No Stopping
  • No Parking

You can also view a list of accessible parking spaces online.


Traffic Operations Manager
Col Warne
02 9265 9333

Accessible public transport

Public transport services in NSW are constantly being improved to help residents and visitors have a smooth and safe journey. If you are planning a trip, or need more information on accessible transport, visit the NSW Government's Transport Info website.


Accessible Sydney buses display the international wheelchair symbol. These buses include ramps and kerbside kneeling technology to provide easier boarding. Priority seating and extra room inside allow for a more comfortable journey.

As all buses are not accessible, passengers are advised to visit the Transport Info website or call 131 500 to check which services best suit your needs.


All ferries are accessible. However, some wharves have stairs that mean restricted access.

Accessible wharves have level or ramped access to allow passengers of all abilities to board easier.

The Transport Info website has information about accessible wharves. You can also call 131 500 for more information.


Some train stations have stairs that mean restricted access. However, all trains are accessible. Boarding ramps are available to help people using mobility aids. Just ask one of the station staff to help you board the train and let them know your destination.


Taxis can be hailed at legal parking zones on-street or at designated taxi ranks.

Some taxi ranks are supervised on Friday and Saturday nights. These ranks are secure until 5am Saturday and until 2am on Sunday.

People who carry an Australian subsidy voucher or card are entitled to a taxi fare subsidy. There is no 'lift' fee for taxis in NSW. Ramps have been provided at 10 key taxi ranks around Sydney.


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Last updated: Monday, 9 November 2015