Community bus hire

Bus hire scheme

Our community bus hire scheme is available to not-for-profit community groups and organisations that provide services of benefit either to the entire City of Sydney community or a specific target group. The buses cannot be used for private, commercial or any other profit-making purpose.

The group or organisation's nominated bus driver must be authorised by the City in the application and accreditation process before you can hire a bus. The driver needs to hold a minimal light rigid licence.

How to apply

Community groups or organisations need to be accredited by the City before a bus can be hired. The community bus scheme application and the driver authorisation and accreditation forms can be downloaded below.

Once both the community group/organisation and driver accreditation and authorisation has been granted by the City, a bus can then be booked using the booking form, which can be downloded below.

Completed forms can be lodged at one of our Neighbourhood Service Centres or you can post your form/s to:

Community Transport Coordinator
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001

Availability and fees

Our buses are available for hire 7 days per week on either a half or full-day basis for permanent or casual bookings.

Accredited community groups and organisations need to make a contribution towards the operating costs of the scheme with fees starting at $23.00 depending on the category type (see below). For more information, refer to the community bus scheme procedure (download below) or telephone 02 8019 6918.

Category B:

  • Full day (up to and over 4 hours): $23.50
  • Fuel fee (per kilometre): $0.38
  • Overnight additional fee: $74.50

Category C:

  • Half-day (up to 4 hours): $85
  • Full day (over 4 hours): $142.50
  • Fuel fee (per kilometre): $0.38
  • Overnight additional fee: $74.50


Community Transport Office
02 8019 6918

Last updated: Tuesday, 1 July 2014