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Parking meter rates vary depending on the time and location. Peak hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and off-peak hours are all other times.

Central Sydney's parking meter rate areas are available to view and download at the end of this page. Please note fees indicated on the map are a guide only and should not be used as an exact reflection of every individual parking meter.

All City of Sydney parking meters accept payment by coin. Many also accept payment by credit card and mobile phone.

How to pay

Paying for parking is easy and secure. All parking meters display user-friendly instructions to help you with your transaction.

Please note: If you receive a parking infringement for not displaying a valid ticket and the machine is found to have been operating then the infringement issued will stand. If non cash payments are unsuccessful you are required to pay by coins, obtain and display a valid ticket.

You must abide by the parking restrictions and time limits posted on the signs. All faults must be reported. No refunds or change is available at the meter.


To make a payment, simply insert coins. When using a "pay and display" parking meter, remember to collect your printed ticket and place it on your vehicle dashboard with the expiry time visible.

Credit card

The majority of parking meters accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

To pay for parking using your credit card, simply follow the prompts on the meter.

Press RED button at any stage to cancel payment.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone payments are only possible when parking at a TX ticket machine.

Please note: that the City’s service provider has changed suppliers of mobile phone payments. The machines are now operating with the new provider, Parkmobile. If you currently use mPark, you will need to set up an account with Parkmobile to continue to use phone payments.

Visit parkmobile.com.au to get started.

You will still need to obtain and display a valid ticket from the relevant ticket machine when using phone payments, and if non-cash payments are unsuccessful, you must pay by coins to obtain and display a valid ticket.

Important Information - The Rocks, Northern CBD and Surry Hills

We are currently in the process of replacing ticket machines in The Rocks, the Northern CBD (west of George Street) and a small part of Surry Hills. While we complete this, some machines which currently accept card payments will operate in coin-only mode from 3 August 2015. Loading Zone transactions are not impacted.

Drivers with no coins will still be able to use credit cards to pay for parking tickets at parking spaces serviced by the coin-only machines. Signs will direct them to the nearest credit-card capable machine less than 100m away.

The replacement machines will accept coins, cards, mobile phone payments, and be ‘tap and go’ capable in the future. We apologise for any inconvenience  during the 8 week period of replacement. Works are expected to be finished in mid-October.





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Last updated: Wednesday, 29 July 2015