After dinner walking group

After dinner walking group

Walking groups for older Australians

The after dinner walking group was inspired by the OPEN Sydney Night-time Economy Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2030.

While anyone can join the new walking group, it is targeted at Sydney residents aged over 55 and aims to bring together like-minded people who are already active and want to stay fit by walking and exploring Sydney’s outdoor attractions.

The Australian Medical Association of NSW is also supporting the walking group initiative. Vice President Dr Saxon Smith said it was great to see an initiative that encouraged ways of keeping fit.

The after dinner walking group is part of the City of Sydney’s aim to encourage walking for the benefits it brings to individuals and the community. To increase walking levels, the City aims to ensure walking is a pleasurable, rewarding and practical way of moving through Sydney’s streets.

Our residents have told us that while we offer a fantastic program of activities and events for older people at our various community centres during the day time, but there needs to be more on offer for older people after dark.

Judging by the overwhelming response to the previous walks, Sydney’s older walkers relish the opportunity to get active and really enjoy the city together when the sun goes down.

We will keep you updated about future walking tours.

Last updated: Thursday, 12 February 2015