Koori collection

Koori collection

History, life and customs

The Koori Collection has more than 1,250 items on Aboriginal history and the arrival of Europeans. Specific titles are available on topics such as land rights. Biographies of Aboriginal leaders and sporting legends also feature. The collection is held at the Waterloo Library.

Koori Mail

Each copy of Koori Mail is available for 2 weeks at Newtown Library. Back issues are kept at Waterloo Library for 1 year.

National Indigenous Times

This fortnightly publication is available at the Waterloo Library, where back issues are kept for 1 year.

Extending the collection

The City of Sydney aims to strengthen Aboriginal titles and make sure items are available at all branches. The State Library of NSW awarded us a $55,000 grant several years ago to further develop and expand the Koori Collection.


Visit the State Library of NSW website for invaluable resources including the Mitchell and Dixson Collections and the Australian Indigenous Service.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 20 December 2016