Reference and special collections

Reference and special collections

Reference books

Library members can search our online catalogue for reference books, which are not available for loan. To access these reference books, you'll need to visit the library branch where the title is held.

Members can also use the library's database tools, which includes a range of reference products including newspaper archives and encyclopaedias.

Special collections

Books in the special collections are not available for loan unless there are duplicate lending copies available from the main collection. Search the online catalogue for details of availability.

Australiana collection (and tourist info)

The Australiana collection contains specific titles which are not available for loan (although duplicates may be borrowed). It also features up-to-date travel guides and tourist information. The collection is located at Customs House Library.

Don't forget, all of the library branches offer visitors free internet access to find tourist information.

Drug information

All library branches have a host of information about drug use and the health, legal and social impact of drugs. The collection is part of a state-wide project called Drug Info @ Your Library and can be found on a stand inside the branch. You can also use access the information in the collection online.

Legal information

The libraries are part of a Legal Information Access Centre project to provide an up-to-date collection of law books (in plain language) and toolkits, including guides to writing your will or letter to the landlord. The Legal Answers website provided by the State Library of NSW provides similar information online.


Drug Info @ Your Library Legal Answers Legal Information Access Centre

Last updated: Wednesday, 7 November 2012