How to download ebooks

The instructions below are a guide to downloading and borrowing ebooks from the City of Sydney's library network.

For further assistance, contact the library.

1. Create an Adobe ID

Visit Adobe online.

Click on 'Sign in' to register.

2. Load software onto your computer or device

Adobe Digital Editions logo

Before downloading ebooks you will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer or device to enable downloading

Adobe Digital Editions for PC or Mac

Adobe Digital Editions for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Adobe Digital Editions for Android devices

3. Visit the City of Sydney library’s catalogue and log in

Visit the online catalogue.

Login to your library account.

Screen shot of the library's online catalogue log-in screen 

Log in to your library account with library card number barcode (or alias) and PIN (or password). 

Screen shot of user name and password fields.

4. Search for ebooks on the library catalogue

Search for ebooks by title/author/subject and change the format to ebook.

Close-up of the e-book format online

Or browse our collection of ebooks by clicking on the ebooks tab.

e-book selection tab online 

Or browse our virtual ebook shelf by clicking on the thumbnail view eBook shelf thumbnail view 

5. Select the ebook you want to read

Locate the ebook you want to read.

Click on the following icons to gain further details, print or download/loan an ebook.

ebook icons
Click here for more details, also allows you to add reviews, share and download. Click here for more details.
This also allows you to add reviews, share and download.
 print the record Print the record
Download the eBook
Download the ebook
Agree to loadn/download the eBook
Agree to loan/download of ebook

6. Download the ebook to your device

Download the eBook buttonClick on Download.

Agree to a loan of this eBook buttonClick on Agree to a loan of this ebook to you

Depending on your device/browser a pop-up window will appear (click on OPEN, this will open/download in Adobe Digital Editions) or the download will automatically go to pre-designated folders. 

Note: For some eBooks you will be presented with the following for downloads.

Read and download buttons to access e-books

For viewing on City of Sydney Library public computers: click Read Online.

For viewing the ebook online: click Read Online.

For downloading the ebook: click Download. 

Select the Loan Length from the drop down menu.

Select the Format for the item to be downloaded (PDF or ePUB).

Click on Download.

e-book Download button

For personal computers/laptops click on Open and the ebook will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

For supported eReaders (Kobo) download the ebook to your computer. Connect your eReader and transfer the ebook using Adobe Digital Editions.

Last updated: Wednesday, 2 August 2017