Exhibit your work

The City of Sydney library network offers a variety of areas for artists to display their artwork for free. These spaces vary across branches, so it's best to visit our libraries before deciding on where you would like to exhibit your work.

Who can exhibit?

Our spaces are available to artists as well as community, educational and charity groups. Art work (including interpretive signage) must be relevant and of benefit to the City of Sydney and its residents. It must also be appropriate to all ages.

We give preference to community or educational organisations over individual artists.

Work that is offensive, obscene or illegal will not be permitted.

Applying for a space

To apply for one of our spaces you will need to submit a proposal that includes:

  • a description of your work
  • exhibition dates required (if appropriate)
  • 3 jpeg samples of the work that will be displayed.

Your proposal should be no more than 500 words, and sent to the exhibition coordinator. See the right hand column for more details.

Please apply at least 3 months in advance if your work is time specific - themed around Seniors Week, for example. We will make every effort to accommodate your dates, but unfortunately cannot guarantee them.

You should hear back from the Library within 1 month.

Rules for displaying artwork and content

You may not sell your artwork through the library display. However, you can provide your website, contact details and price catalogue.

Content must only be for information – it must not persuade viewers to a particular religious or political point-of-view.


Before submitting your application, please contact our exhibition coordinator for our Library Art Display Agreement. The agreement includes a full list of rules associated with displaying artwork, as well as an outline of your responsibilities and those of the City of Sydney.

You will need to agree to the terms and conditions in the agreement when you receive the application form.

Contact the Exhibition Coordinator

02 9265 9895

Post written submissions to:

Exhibition Coordinator
City of Sydney Library
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001

Last updated: Wednesday, 7 November 2012