Technology upgrades

Technology upgrades

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Technology upgrades

Self-service kiosks installed at our library branches help make borrowing faster and easier while improving services for our members.

How does it work?

The new self-service kiosks use scanning technology that is already used in many libraries around the world.

Electronic tags have been added to all library items to make checking items in and out faster and easier – scan one item or scan them all at once.

With this new technology you won’t need to wait to check loans out and your returns will be registered immediately, even when you use the new return chutes and shelves. 

With no delays to your account being updated, you can keep on borrowing straight away!

Library staff will be on hand to help members with the new self-service kiosks.

Computers, printing and copying facilities

Need to scan, Skype or search? We've also upgraded our public access computers, printing, copying and scanning facilities in all branches. This cutting-edge technology gives you access to the latest Microsoft Office applications, internet browsers and Skype for video and voicecalls.

Last updated: Friday, 17 March 2017