Chairs in Squares

Chairs in Squares

What you need to know

  • Deck chairs, tables and umbrellas
  • Free wifi at Sydney Square and Sydney Living Museums
  • Free books to borrow or keep.
  • Deck chairs back for summer

    Chairs in Squares made a return this summer, with plenty of candy-coloured deck chairs, free wifi and loads of books to make sure the season was sorted.

    Sydney’s favourite deck chairs are always a hit and this time they were in:

    The pop-up relaxation areas are inspired by New York City’s successful initiative to activate underused spaces.

    People were invited to borrow or keep donated books at the summer sites that have been weeded from the City’s 9 libraries to make space for new titles. The summer reading was a gift from the City of Sydney.

    Chairs in Squares were enjoyed until 4 April 2014.

    A couple of friends sitting in deck chairs while reading Enjoy our deck chairs this summer.

    Last updated: Monday, 7 April 2014