Living Colour

Living Colour

Floral displays for the city

Sydney’s streets are blossoming with vibrant displays in hanging baskets and floral displays around the inner-city as part of the City’s Living Colour extravaganza.

Tens of thousands of blooms, including begonias, petunias, purple sage and lavender adorn city spaces until early March.

These floral displays have been chosen for their rich and vibrant blooms to bring added splendour to our streets.  

Around 100,000 plants bring colour, greenery and a touch of nature to our inner-city to make it a more beautiful and welcoming place.   

The stunning displays fill over 450 hanging baskets around the city alongside 900 planter boxes, floral towers and a green wall.

The floral arrangements incorporate blue and white salvia, spearmint and curly parsley, purple, white and red petunias and red begonia ‘dragon wings’.

Last updated: Friday, 20 March 2015