White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon Day

White Ribbon oath

"I swear
never to commit, excuse
or remain silent about
violence against women and children
This is my oath"

Standing up to violence against women

White Ribbon is the world's largest male-led movement to end men's violence against women.

In 2013 the City of Sydney achieved White Ribbon workplace accreditation, recognising the policies and procedures we have in place to support a zero tolerance approach to men’s violence against women.

The City also has a proven ability to effectively respond to incidents as they arise, inside or outside the workplace.

The accreditation is a huge honour for the City and is also the result of the dedication of our White Ribbon ambassadors and the commitment of our staff to address this important social issue.

Violence against women is a major problem in Australia where at least 1 woman is killed every week by a current or former partner and 30% of women aged over 15 will experience physical or sexual violence by a man at some point in their lives.

Making the pledge

Hundreds of City of Sydney staff pledged never to commit or tolerate violence against women on 20 November 2014, ahead of White Ribbon Day on 25 November.

City Operations director and White Ribbon ambassador Garry Harding said the violence would not stop until attitudes and behaviours are changed. Lani Brennan, who has written a book called 'Lani’s Story' and was the subject of a documentary, spoke about her journey from victim to survivor. 

As well as our oath swearing ceremonies, the City has taken other steps to support White Ribbon including online training for staff to raise awareness and policies and procedures to help stop violence and give support to victims.

Main image: White Ribbon senior executive engagement and partnerships, Fayssal Sari; City of Sydney community engagement coordinator, David Beaumont; speaker and author, Lani Brennan; City operations director, Garry Harding; and White Ribbon CEO, Libby Davies. 

Last updated: Friday, 21 November 2014