Chinatown and CBD South

Chinatown and CBD South

Boundaries and demographics

The Chinatown and CBD South village covers the area from Bathurst Street in the north to Central railway station in the south, and from Elizabeth Street in the east to Darling Harbour in the west. A map of the area can be downloaded below.

The village group includes the suburbs of Haymarket and a small portion of Sydney (suburb).

According to latest estimates 16,644 residents (9.07% of the City) and 48,071 workers (12.47% of the City) make up the local area.

The past to today

In Haymarket and Chinatown apartment blocks sit among a thriving restaurant scene and a busy shopping district – the second-busiest in the area. The suburb's Chinese character dates back to the 1920s with Sydney's Chinese population dating back to the 1860s.

Darling Harbour was re-opened by Queen Elizabeth II as a tourist quarter in 1988 after it was transformed from a collection of railway yards and port facilities to a lively collection of bars and restaurants, as well as conference facilities and tourist attractions that it is today.


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Last updated: Monday, 2 December 2013