Glebe Point Road

Glebe Point Road

Boundaries and demographics

The Glebe Point Road Village encompasses the area from Blackwattle Bay in the north to Parramatta Road in the south, and from Wattle Street, Ultimo in the east to Forest Lodge in the west. A map of the area can be downloaded below.

The Village Group includes the suburbs of Glebe, Forest Lodge, northern Camperdown and a small portion of Ultimo (west of Wattle Street). According to latest estimates, there are 20,127 residents (10.97% of LGA) and 7,295 workers (1.89% of LGA) in the area.

Local history

One of Sydney's oldest suburbs, Glebe was originally allocated to the Anglican Church before becoming a rural retreat for the colony's booming mercantile class. By the time Australia's first prime minister, Sir Edmund Barton, was born here in 1849, Glebe Point was a fashionable area, while the suburb’s south end had become a working-class district.

Like much of the inner city, the suburb became gentrified as people moved in for its proximity to the city and the University of Sydney.

The villages today

Today, the area is dotted with holistic health outlets, community bookstores and a market every Saturday. Restaurants are plentiful, including a sprinkling of fine diners and artisan bakeries and organic cafes.

Neighbouring Broadway has long been a popular shopping area and the old Grace Bros building is now the Broadway Shopping Centre.

Glebe is close to parks and waterways, with Bicentennial Park a great place to explore.


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