Macleay Street and Woolloomooloo

Macleay Street and Woolloomooloo

Boundaries and demographics

The Macleay Street and Woolloomooloo Village encompasses the area from Garden Island in the north to William Street in the south, and from Rushcutters Bay in the east to The Domain in the west. A map of the area can be downloaded below.

The Village Group includes the suburbs of Woolloomooloo, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay.

According to latest estimates, there are 19,487 residents (10.62% of LGA) and 9,620 workers (2.50% of LGA) in the area.

From the past to today

Potts Point is a densely populated suburb. Its growth in the 1920s has resulted in the country's highest concentration of art deco architecture.

Near Potts Point is Woolloomooloo – a suburb of contrasts. First built on swampy land in the 1790s, Woolloomooloo now mixes luxury (Finger Wharf) apartments, public housing and temporary accommodation for some of the city's homeless residents.

As population density increased in the 1920s, the area became known as a trendsetting, bohemian suburb.

It is here Sydney's café and dining-out culture was nurtured and Kings Cross is the site of the city's first delicatessens. It also has a seedy reputation, with strip clubs still operating on Darlinghurst Road.

There is a long-standing Indigenous population in Woolloomooloo.


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