Redfern Street

Redfern Street

Boundaries and demographics

Redfern Street village covers the area from Broadway in the north to Waterloo in the south, and from Chalmers Street in the east to Darlington and Eveleigh in the west. A map of the area can be downloaded below.

The village group includes the suburbs of Chippendale, Darlington, Eveleigh, the western half of Redfern and the northern portion of Waterloo. According to latest estimates 21,176 residents (11.54% of the City) and 12,695 workers (3.29% of the City) make up the local area.

From the past to today

A short hop from the city centre, Redfern and Waterloo were just sand hills and marshlands at the start of European settlement.

Chinese immigrants moved in later and the district was known for its market gardens.

Aboriginal peoples settled in the area in the 1920s and 1940s and when their citizenship was recognised in the 1960s, more Indigenous people migrated from rural NSW to work in local factories.

The National Indigenous Centre of Excellence now sits on the site of the old Redfern Public School.

Waterloo is one of Sydney's most vibrant suburbs. The area boasts a rich social history and a large public-housing community.

In recent years the area around Danks Street in the suburb's east, has been transformed with numerous arts and dining businesses opening.

CarriageWorks at Eveleigh is an exciting cultural addition to the area.

Train carriages for Sydney's growing rail network were built here from scratch during industrialisation. Now subtly restored, its cavernous interiors host theatrical productions, art exhibitions and a farmers' market.

Closer to the city centre, Chippendale takes its name from William Chippendale who was granted land here in 1819.

The suburb soon became industrialised and was the site of the Kent Brewery, which was closed under Carlton and United's tenure in the early 21st century.

The brewery site is now the Central Park residential development.


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