You've gotta love this city

You've gotta love this city

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Our local area is made up of many diverse communities – people from a wide variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds – with around 177,000 people living in the City of Sydney.

Every weekday 600,000 people travel here for work, study, shopping and sightseeing. 20,000 different businesses employ 385,000 people.

Altogether the residences and businesses occupy 32 million square metres of floor space across the 26.15 square kilometre local area.

Sydney Local

The people and stories behind stunning #sydneylocal images on social media.

Sydney People

These are the people who shape our city, and make it a better place in all kinds of ways.

Tales of the City

Come behind the scenes at the City and meet some of the staff who work hard every day to make Sydney sing!