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Felicity and Matt

Green Square architects, library visionaries

The plans for Green Square’s new library and plaza have been approved by Council.

Architects Felicity Stewart and Matt Hollenstein designed the library, winning an international design competition in 2012. Their bold vision stood out amongst 160 world-class entries to the competition. 

The City worked with Stewart Hollenstein to develop a concept design for the library and plaza and exhibited the plans in 2014. 

Felicity and Matt talk to us about their design. 

“When we met at university, we discovered we had a similar ethos about what architecture can give to a city. 

“Winning the Green Square design competition meant we could put that ethos into action and start our own company. It was the tipping point that a lot of others don’t get, so we were really lucky. 

“A library is one of the few public buildings where people can stop, rest and engage with people around you – in other words, hang out. Our design and work is inspired by making spaces for people to enjoy and be happy in. In the bigger picture, it’s about shaping city life, building a positive society and a connected community. 

“I think people in Sydney respect doing new things – we embrace freshness of thinking. Prince Alfred Park pool is another great example of that.”

Take a look at the Green Square library and plaza design.

Take a look at the Green Square library and plaza design.

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2015