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Veggo ambassador, food truck entrepreneur

"I’ve always loved food. My mum says when I was little I would eat paté and goat’s yoghurt and all sorts of whacky stuff. Having a Greek heritage helps as well.

When I was 19 at Sydney University, I found it really hard to find good vegetarian food so I started to cook a lot for myself. 

Sydney has definitely improved for vegetarians, and what I love about Sydney now is that people are happy to take risks when it comes to food. We really benefit from not having a definitive culinary style or tradition, so we’re more open to new ideas and influences.

Food trucks have really changed things and opened people’s eyes to what ‘fast food’ can really be. At the Veggie Patch, it’s a food-focussed experience but we also try to create a warm and friendly environment. Similarly, at my café Yulli’s, we’ve basically built an extension of our living room.

Sydney is now a place for business owners and foodies to push boundaries. It’s no longer just fine dining and that French influence – we don’t like pretence or staying too safe."

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Find out more about the Sydney food trucks program.

Last updated: Thursday, 22 May 2014