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Founder of Kids Extended Education Network (KEEN)

"I started KEEN in January 2014, because I saw that kids in many areas of Sydney didn’t have access to good after-school care in the safety of their own schools. The inner city is facing a critical shortage of spaces in out of hours school care. KEEN can provide a flexible and equitable solution.

We’re a non-profit organisation that brings together families, educators and schools to create after-school programs. Besides being enriching for the kids, our programs improve work and family life balance.

Schools and principals also benefit. That’s because we manage the community use of school space for free, so the schools can earn rent from hosting a variety of out of hours programs. 

Annandale North Public is the first official KEEN school with over 12 programs available including homework club, art classes, yoga, drumming and skateboarding. It’s working well and now over 50 families are benefiting every week. We want to provide this service to as many schools as possible.

KEEN is supported by several professionals who volunteer their expertise. I also have a group of trusted advisors to help with the bigger picture.  

I’m inspired by children and their enthusiasm, openness and potential. KEEN has a ‘philosophy of giving’ to increase opportunities and improve equity in society. We offer a free placement for a child in each program. We’re also developing a grant scheme for disadvantaged communities."

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Last updated: Monday, 8 September 2014