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Nina Las Vegas

DJ and musical director for 2014 Sydney New Year’s Eve

“Sydney is a spectacular city with amazing Australian talent and a strong musical community. It’s a beautiful and welcoming place to return to when I’m not travelling.

"New Year’s Eve in Sydney is such an iconic moment, so I was thrilled to be asked to be involved.

"As the musical director for 2014 Sydney New Year’s Eve, I get to come up with the soundtrack that plays during the fireworks displays.

"As with all my work, I’ve made a real effort to include music that I’m passionate about – for example, I always try to showcase the best local and international dance talent.

"The music for the 9pm family fireworks will be something that both young children and their parents will enjoy equally, and for the midnight display, the music is powerful and optimistic.

"In coming up with the soundtrack, my goal was to find the middle ground between my musical passions, what works well with fireworks, and what appeals to the public at large.

"With incredible fireworks displays and a spectacular natural setting, New Year’s Eve is one of those rare times when the whole city comes together while the eyes of the world watch.

"I can’t wait for people to be surprised on the night as they watch the fireworks and hear the soundtrack that I’ve created.”

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Last updated: Tuesday, 23 December 2014