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Cycling instructor, volunteer and founder of Bicycle Garden, and PhD student

“Bicycle Garden started up in 2012 with a grant from the City. We were a group of friends with the shared idea of holding open workshops where people can become empowered by learning to fix and maintain their bikes.

I’m really proud of our Pedal Power program. Giving an asylum seeker a bike gives them mobility and social connection.

There’s a lot of negative attention on asylum seekers right now, it is all about keeping these people out of society, so we are trying to do the opposite and help them become a part of our community.

A lot people come from countries where riding is a normal thing to do. We had a Tamil guy who lost one leg in a landmine incident.  He struggled to walk but rode a bike beautifully.

I’ve got my dream job at BikeWise, I get paid to teach people to cycle! I love seeing people out on the street we have trained, but it's also great seeing more and more people that I don’t recognise. It means more and more new cyclists are riding for transport.

We teach people ‘gracious cycling’. It’s about having a positive headspace and having good interactions with people on the road.“

Sign up for a free cycling course or find out about City of Sydney grants.

Sign up for a free cycling course and get confident on your bike.

Last updated: Thursday, 22 May 2014