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Suzy Spoon

Celebrated vegetarian butcher

For years Suzy Spoon had been making vegetarian sausages and vegan smallgoods for friends and family when she decided she would open Suzy Spoon’s Vegetarian Butcher. 

"To me it seemed natural to call myself a vegetarian butcher. I’ve been vegetarian for 28 years and I love real flavours and well made, fresh food.

"The backlash to the name from both vegans and meat eaters shocked me at first, but now it’s worked to my advantage because it really got people talking about me. I’m not just another vegan café.

"Standing out from the crowd as Australia’s first vegetarian butcher saw me take out a regional award for Excellence in Innovation in the NSW Business Chamber’s 2014 Business Awards. The award recognises a business that has achieved measurable success and made significant contributions to their industry.

"So far I’ve got eight original vegan products in my food range, including sausages, schnitzels, vege balls and Bolognese sauce. 

"My food is innovative in terms of the recipes and techniques because everything I’ve done I’ve had to create from scratch, with a lot of trial and error. It feels fabulous to be recognised for that.

"I started out at the Marrickville weekend markets in 2012, moving into a double-fronted King Street Newtown shop, with a factory on one side and café on the other run by a team of seven staff. 

"I’ve certainly seen the business grow since moving into Newtown. There’s good passing trade and a great local culture that really suits and supports what we do."

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Last updated: Wednesday, 14 January 2015