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Tiffany Mackness

Sydney cupcake stall operator

As Tiffany Mackness helped her husband, Nigel, run juice and salad bars, she came up with her own sweet idea – the Chantilly Cupcakes stall in Central Plaza, Pitt Street Mall.

Tiffany taste tests her way around Sydney to bring the very best cupcakes to her customers. Whether it’s a French vanilla cupcake, red velvet or hummingbird, she wants to showcase the city’s best-selling cupcakes from home-based bakers to well-known Sydney chefs.

“We love our position in the centre of Sydney, it’s really fast-paced and we have such a variety of customers who love to give us their suggestions and feedback. Loads of people are around all the time and it gives you the feeling of being right in the middle of the excitement.

“Our customers and visiting tourists take loads of photos of the shop and the cakes and post them on their social media pages all over the world.  I’ve seen photos on pages from Belgium, Japan and the USA.

“We seem to be a favourite for that special birthday cupcake, which we gift wrap with our pretty packaging to make it look extra sweet. Of course we also love our corporate clients who sometimes have fabulous ideas for a function and we get to create something unique for them.  Not long ago, one asked for 1,000 black cake pops - OK, sure thing!

“Sydney loves its cupcakes. It always seems to put a smile on peoples’ faces as they look into the window to choose their favourite. I think cupcakes allow you to sit down and take ten minutes out of your busy city day with a little sweet treat and watch the world go by.”

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Last updated: Wednesday, 4 March 2015