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Retired social worker, active senior, volunteer and sometime tai chi teacher.

"I am a City girl. I came from the Philippines in 1985 and worked as a social worker with Council for 15 years. I know people at all the community centres.

"I live in housing commission in Waterloo. We have a strong sense of community and look out for one another.

"I have met a lot of friends at dancing and exercise groups, on organised bus trips, at neighbourhood barbecues and meetings. We share food and learn about each other’s cultures: Korean, Filipino, Chinese and Indonesian.

"I’ve joined the City’s after dinner walking group. We used to go walking during the day, but it was too hot and some of us suffered health issues. Now we are ready to get back into walking, but under the bright stars and not the heat of the sun. My friends and I are very excited and I really see this group growing. 

"I volunteer on Mondays and Tuesdays with the Crystal Set Choir. We sing the old favourites in nursing homes. The residents sing with us and clap along. It’s very rewarding seeing the twinkle in their eyes, it keeps me going and it’s good to give joy.

"I do tai chi in the park every morning except Sundays. Sometimes I step in to instruct if Master Wu can’t make it.

"I encourage friends to join in these activities. It’s important to have an active lifestyle.

"I’ve been very active in lobbying for a lift at Redfern train station. There are 12 platforms and only two have an escalator. The Redfern Lift Group collected 10,000 signatures from commuters on the platforms. The government has finally said it will install a lift. That’s great news."

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Last updated: Thursday, 22 May 2014