Conditions of access

Rules and regulations

Visiting the Archives is easy. However, to preserve the records conditions apply. The rules below are posted in the reading room and copies are available.

Access to the City of Sydney's records, including archival material, is covered by the Access to Information Policy and the conditions below apply when you visit.

By completing the sign-in form, you agree that you have read and understood these rules and agree to abide by them at all times. If you have any questions please ask the Archivist.

  1. Records may be examined only in the Archives office, unless alternative arrangements are made by the staff.
  2. Do not smoke or bring food or drinks into the Archives office. The staff may request you to leave items such as bags and overcoats in the secure lockers provided.
  3. Any applicable fees must be paid at the time of your visit or (by arrangement) on invoice from the City of Sydney.
  1. Do not write or mark any records, or change the order of the documents, or disassemble any files, or add to or remove any documents.
  2. No records are to be removed from the Archives office without permission and in accordance with any conditions which may be imposed.
  3. Access to records that are fragile or confidential may be refused, or granted subject to special conditions.
  4. Digital or microfilm copies of some records will be made available in place of the original materials.
  5. Use of cameras or personal copying devices in the Archives office must be cleared in advance with the staff. Restrictions may be placed on what can be photographed or copied and any such restrictions must be carefully followed.
  6. The Council accepts no responsibility for any contravention of copyright or other law which a researcher may commit in making use of material made accessible through the Archives.
  7. Researchers making use of the records indemnify the Council against any loss, damages, or expenses incurred by Council arising from a breach of these conditions by the researcher.  

Last updated: Tuesday, 23 December 2014