Copying archival documents

Copying services

All prices below include GST.

Please note: Most original archival records can be copied, however some documents are fragile and at risk of damage from the copying process. Copying of fragile documents may not be possible.


Documents will generally be provided in electronic format (PDF).

Copies of small quantities of paper documents can sometimes be made by staff while you wait. If staff are busy or you have requested a large number of copies it may take a day or two. Large quantities of copying may be outsourced to an external copying service. In this case you will be charged the full amount invoiced by the copying service.


The following rates will be charged for copies made by City of Sydney staff: 

  • Digital copies of A4 documents: $2.00 per page
  • Digital copies of A3 documents: $3.00 per page


Plans (larger than A3 and up to AO size) can also be copied for you. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days. Very large or complicated orders may take longer. Copies are provided in digital format (usually PDF).


The following rates will be charged for copies made by City of Sydney staff:  

  • Digital copies of A2 to A0 plans: $17.00 per sheet  


Copies of photographs are provided in electronic format only (usually JPG or TIF). Some requests may take a few days if there is not an existing high resolution scan available. Low resolution copies of photographs can generally be downloaded direct from the ArchivePix site without charge. 


  • High resolution digital image: $40
  • Licence for publication/commercial use: $100 per image per use
  • Low resolution copies of photographs can be accessed via the ArchivePix website.

Reproducing archival material

Copies of documents held in the Archives are made available to researchers subject to the conditions below. Researchers who require copies may need to complete an application form accepting these conditions, and pay the applicable charges.

  • The copy is to be used only for the purpose stated in the application form
  • Use of copies must not infringe any copyright in the original documents or copies
  • For some plans of buildings that still exist (residential parts of residential buildings, and interior and services plans of major buildings) applicants must have the written permission of the current building owner (or their authorised representative) to take copies
  • The City of Sydney retains such copyright as it may have in the original documents and copies
  • This approval does not constitute approval to make another copy of the copy supplied by the City
  • Further reproduction of a copy supplied following this application must be separately applied for
  • The applicant indemnifies the City against any loss, damages or expenses incurred by the City arising from a breach, by the applicant, of these conditions.

Last updated: Friday, 1 July 2016