Digital copying service

Paper files/documents

The City can arrange for digital copies of whole files on request and will generally not provide copies of individual pages from a file*. This normally takes 3–5 days and on average a file costs around $25 to copy but this will vary depending on the number of pages. You will be charged the actual cost from the contractor the City uses for this service.

The digital version we provide to you may have some information blacked out (redacted) for a range of reasons, including privacy and copyright. We will provide digital copies of copyright material where you can supply written permission from the copyright holder. 

Digital copies we provide will generally be in PDF format.

You can make an appointment to view files in the Town Hall House search room. You will be able to view copyright material but not information redacted for privacy or other reasons. You may take photos of file contents subject to copyright rules/restrictions.


The City will pass on the actual cost from the contractor the City uses for this service.

*Please note: Most original archival records can be copied, however some documents are fragile and at risk of damage from the copying process. Copying of fragile documents may not be permitted in some cases.


Copies of photographs are provided in electronic format only (usually JPG or TIF). Some requests may take a few days if there is not an existing high resolution scan available.

Low resolution copies of photographs can be accessed free of charge via the ArchivePix website.  


  • High resolution digital image: $40
  • Licence for publication/commercial use: $100 per image per use. 

Reproducing archival material

Copies of documents held in the Archives are made available to researchers subject to these conditions:

  • Use of copies must not infringe any copyright in the original documents or copies.
  • For some plans of buildings that still exist (residential parts of residential buildings) applicants must have the written permission of the current building owner, or their authorised representative, to view and/or take copies.
  • The City of Sydney retains such copyright as it may have in the original documents and copies.
  • This approval does not constitute approval to make another copy of the copy supplied by the City.

Last updated: Saturday, 1 July 2017