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People and places

People and places

Sydney Oral Histories

Our History Unit’s expanding oral history collection is now all in the one place. Each interview is presented in full and as an excerpt, in both sound file and full transcript formats, to allow for fully accessible browsing and research.

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Sydney's social history

What was it like to live in Sydney in another age? This collection of historical stories and exhibitions cover just some of the many tales Sydneysiders have to tell about the neighbourhoods where they lived, worked and entertained themselves.

Oral histories

Hear about Sydney's past from the people who were there.

Sydney's beginnings

An overview of Sydney's growth from penal colony to city.

Online exhibitions

Take a closer look at some fascinating segments of Sydney's unique history

Corporation and Domain baths

These harbourside bathing sites evolved as people's demands for swimming facilities changed.

Pyrmont Incinerator

The tragic story of the Walter Burley Griffin-designed Pyrmont Incinerator, which was torn down as its neighbourhood evolved.

P.N. Russell & Co

Signposts forged by early Sydney company P.N. Russell and Co can still be found around the City.

Old Sydney Burial Ground

Sydney Town Hall sits on the site of one of the earliest European cemeteries in NSW, the Old Sydney Burial Ground.

Newtown sesquicentenary

It has been 150 years since Newtown was proclaimed a municipality.

Parks histories

Find out more about your local park's history.

Historical walking tours

A fascinating range of historical and themed self-guided tours are available for you to enjoy.

Last updated: Wednesday, 30 October 2013