Resident and household surveys

Local surveys

As the City of Sydney tracks the progress of Sustainable Sydney 2030 and its 10 strategic directions, we also monitor the ‘environment’ and make adjustments and adaptations where necessary.

A part of our tracking and monitoring process is the City's household and resident surveys that inform us about population changes and their potential impacts based on the level of growth within the local area.

Our collaborative work with local residents includes gathering their perceptions about quality of life in the local area.

The household survey, which is completed by 1 person on behalf of the household, covers housing and household access to goods and services.

The resident survey, which is completed by City residents aged 15 years or over, covers transport, work, health, activities and community connections from an individual’s perspective.

The data we gather is used in the community indicator framework and also helps us improve our community programs.


Steve Hillier
Research Manager
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Last updated: Monday, 3 February 2014