House and building histories

House and building histories

House and building histories

Searching for the history of a particular Sydney building? Looking for information about an ancestor and the home in which they lived?

These archives are brimming with information about Sydney’s households and buildings over the decades. Delve into the history of people who lived in the buildings, and find out about household matters, rates, occupations, property history and development applications. These archives are an ideal resource for family history searches and can reveal intriguing information about ancestors.

Assessment Books

Find details about ownership, occupation, construction and value for properties in the City of Sydney local government area between 1845 and 1948. These records offer valuable family and property history that is not available from any other source.

Planning Street Cards

A helpful source of information about historical buildings and development applications from 1908 to the 1990s. The street cards show all the applications submitted to the City, whether or not the original files and plans exist.

Building Application Records

Records of building and development applications, as well as property records and development consent documents going back to 1946, this is a vital resource for research into building histories. 

Sands Directory

A fundamental source for research into Sydney history, the Sands Directory is especially useful for family history research, due to the household and business information it contains from 1859 to 1932.

Image: George Street circa 1900. City of Sydney Archives, NSCA CRS 51/19. 

Last updated: Friday, 11 July 2014