10-12 Macleay Street

10-12 Macleay Street

House history

Question: There is a website that says my block of apartments was completed in 1939, and a lot of places around here are of similar vintage. I want to know the history of this building but I also wonder why these places were built back then when most people in Sydney wanted a house and garden. 

Answer: Sometimes the history of your home can’t be separated from other general questions like the one you have asked. Sydney’s planning history will give you the answer.  

In brief 

  • Early land history
  • The first houses, including land title history
  • Blackburn’s ‘Greenhithe’
  • The Macleay Regis
  • About the art deco building
  • The building today
  • How the history was found
  • Other sources for further research

Download the case study below.

Image: The Macleay Regis, 1939. State Library of NSW Digital Order no: hood_09832.

Last updated: Tuesday, 10 February 2015