Sydney stories

Sydney stories

Stories about our city

Looking for information for a school project about your local area? Curious about cultural aspects of the local area? Want some historical information about the city’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities?

These resources provide a wealth of cultural history and knowledge about life in Sydney, including people, places, events, art, work, commerce, shelter and the environment. Through oral, written and pictorial documents, you can learn about neighbourhoods, citizens’ beliefs, their relationships with the community, and daily life in Sydney.

Sydney Barani

Named after the Aboriginal word of the Sydney language for ‘yesterday’, Sydney Barani provides histories of people, places and events in the local area that are associated with Sydney’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Dictionary of Sydney

All the different aspects of Sydney life, from the first arrival of people to the present, are documented through a collection of articles and photographs. 

Newtown Project

Brings together essays, photographs and other types of historical information that cover this colourful area of Sydney.

Sydney Oral Histories

Showcases the voices of Sydney people past and present, with interviews centred around themes including art and culture, shelter, built and natural environments, and work, commerce and industry. 

Image: Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. View east view east from Hyde Park across Liverpool Street and along Oxford Street towards Taylor Square, circa 1890. City of Sydney Archives, SRC24668. 

Last updated: Friday, 11 July 2014