Online exhibitions

Online exhibitions

Treasures of history

The City of Sydney's online exhibitions take a closer look at some fascinating segments of Sydney's unique history.

Mayoral chain

Links in the chain
Sydney Town Hall and its collection

Town Hall has a fine collection of antique furniture, artworks and symbols of mayoral authority. The collection also includes gifts to the people of Sydney, such as a trophy presented by then Olympic Committee head, Juan Antonio Samaranch.
Sydney Hospital fountain

Water, water, everywhere . . .

The City has a long relationship with water, providing it for drinking, building sewers, horses and ornate fountains. This online exhibition examines water's vital role in governing the Harbour City.

Quong Tart, Sydney merchant

Quong Tart

Mei Quong Tart was a leading nineteenth-century Sydney merchant and importer from China. He had a network of tea rooms throughout Sydney and was a philanthropist and popular figure about town before his murder in 1902.
Town Hall clock face

Foundations for a city
Building Sydney Town Hall

City authorities wanted to meet as far as possible from their colonial masters, even if that meant digging up a cemetery. Discover the plans, schemes and politics involved in building Town Hall, one of Sydney's best-known landmarks.

Sydney streets history

Sydney streets

From goat tracks to wide avenues, Sydney's streets have evolved with Sydney. This online exhibition documents their journey through the City's history, as streets are widened, names changed and building materials updated.

Last updated: Tuesday, 4 December 2012