Dictionary of Sydney

Dictionary of Sydney

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If it happened in Sydney, it belongs in the city’s online historical dictionary.

Put together as a collaborative not-for-profit venture in digital public history, it’s an ever-growing resource you can trust. Universities, cultural institutions, historical societies and historians, including the City’s History Unit, are all contributing to this amazing resource.

The site details the history of the entire Sydney metropolitan area, not just areas covered by the City. More than 700 suburbs are covered, with each entry complete with demographic information and precise boundary maps.

Information is presented using images, film, sound and historical essays. Users are welcome to add feedback or suggest information for the site.

The Dictionary of Sydney is our city’s history, online and connected.


Dictionary of Sydney

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  • Kate Leigh: the Sly-Grog Queen – 22 June 2016

    The Dictionary of Sydney has some fascinating new articles including one on the famous ‘Sly-Grog Queen’ Kate Leigh, written by Catie Gilchrist. I spoke to Jamie Travers about Kate Leigh’s story on 2SER Breakfast and how she became labelled ‘the worst woman in Sydney’. Kathleen Mary Josephine Beahan was born in Dubbo on 10 March 1881. […]

  • The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney – 15 June 2016

    The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney celebrated 200 years on Monday 13 June 2016. Yet, the site had been farmed since 1788 and under cultivation with scientific plants as well as agricultural farming before 1816, so why did they choose this date? It has to do with the completion of a road through the government domain that […]

  • Sydney’s wild weather – 9 June 2016

    Wild weather just hit Sydney and parts of Australia’s east coast, causing four deaths and an estimated $38 million in damage. It seems each time this occurs, photographs and film footage captured by awestruck residents dominate the news, and this sort of media frenzy has happened throughout Sydney’s history. I spoke with Jamie on 2SER Breakfast […]

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