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How we care for the city

How we care for the city

Caring for Sydney and the community


The City’s public art program includes a comprehensive conservation plan, thorough ongoing day-to-day maintenance regime, and quick response process to carefully repair any damage.

City rangers

City Rangers are quite often the face of the City out and about in Sydney. Our team of City rangers are often approached and asked for information and directions by travellers, and sometimes even a few locals.

Community services

The City provides $8.5 million on services for the community, including programs and entertainment for 1.8 million visits by City residents a year at its 61 community facilities where it holds 250 community events.


Sydney is home to some of the most recognised and loved public events in the world. As well as New Year's Eve, Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations, the City hosts major festivals including Art & About.

Grants and sponsorships

The City pours millions of dollars into attracting business to Sydney through 18 different business grants and sponsorship programs.

Greening big business

A new alliance of major property owners, which collectively own nearly 60 per cent of Sydney's office space in the city centre, aims to help big business go green.

Over 55s

A community transport fleet of 10 buses and a staff of City bus drivers provide daily door-to-door pick up and drop off services for older people, people with disabilities and other residents who find it hard to get around town.


The City provides 2,500 on-street and 50,000 off-street car spaces and the new City Plan allows for more parking solutions.

Pools, parks and gardens

There are 5 aquatic centres, more than 400 parks and open spaces managed and 93 playgrounds with swings and slides, in the local area.


The City oversees New South Wales laws for pet owners and has carried out free micro-chipping of 294 dogs and cats for residents on low incomes.

RSL commemorations

We recognise those who have served our country several times throughout the year.

Saving energy

The City is in the process of replacing 9,000 street lights with low cost LED lighting to save energy costs.

Waste and recycling

The City provides waste and recycling services to more than 94,000 households each week.

Last updated: Monday, 15 July 2013