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Caring for our collection

Our public art collection consists of more than 250 works – statues, monuments, memorials, fountains, murals and installations – which between them tell of almost 200 years of Sydney’s history.

The oldest monument in the collection, the Obelisk of Distances in Macquarie Place Park, was commissioned in 1818. The collection includes Victorian bronzes, war memorials, and important ceremonial and civic works, as well as many 20th century pieces which reflect artistic developments and political ideas.

More recent commissions celebrate diversity, Aboriginal cultures, and wide-ranging forms of artistic expression, from highly technical light-based art works to street art.

All these works are cared for through a comprehensive maintenance program, a quick-response process for repairing damage, and an extensive conservation program.

The conservation program involves professional conservators, artisans and specialised craftspeople, and where possible, the original artists, to ensure that the conservation or restoration work is of the highest quality.

Richard Roberts
Business Precincts Unit
Business Advisor (Finegrain)


Eva Rodriguez Riestra
Public Art Program Manager


Last updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2012