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Grants and sponsorships

Grants and sponsorships

Nurturing talent

The City of Sydney encourages businesses to set up shop in our area. The City wants these small businesses to grow and thrive.

The City pours millions of dollars into attracting businesses to Sydney through 18 different business grants and sponsorship programs.

Since 2005 the City has provided $1.5 million in funding through the Business Support Program, which has seen the successful launch of events such the Pyrmont Festival, Chinatown’s Asia On Your Doorstep and Christmas retail campaigns.

Since 2007 the City has given millions of dollars to hundreds of new and existing businesses through:

  • the cultural grants and sponsorship program, awarded to individuals and organisations in the arts, history and heritage as well as food and wine
  • local community grants to organisations that enrich the life of residents, provide employment and contribute to Sydney’s economy
  • the community services grants program to groups that provide significant benefits to the local community. Projects supported so far include the Mother’s Day Classic run for breast cancer research, Tennis NSW’s program for Aboriginal peoples and the Australian Theatre for Young People
  • environmental grants to support projects that provide a clear environmental benefit to the community
  • heritage grants to carry out new conservation work on sites such as schools, churches and parks.

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Ashley Heath
Matching Grants Co-ordinator

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2012