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Parking solutions

Parking solutions

On the road

The City of Sydney provides 2,500 on-street and 50,000 off-street car spaces, and the new City Plan allows for more parking spaces.

Research shows a significant number of City residents choose not to own a car and instead use public transport, cycling and car share.

Parking demand and congestion in inner Sydney is growing rapidly, and there is increasing recognition of the need for sustainable transport alternatives.

Accessible parking

The City provides accessible parking spaces. City Rangers undertake regular spot checks to make sure only authorised vehicles use accessible parking spaces. Fines are issued for unlawful uses of these spaces.

Sustainable vehicles

The City is leading by example with 39 Toyota Prius hybrid cars in its fleet, and 4 hybrid tip trucks used by road maintenance crews. These vehicles can cut fuel consumption by up to 39 per cent. Several more will be added to the City's fleet in the coming financial year.

Sydney residents are encouraged to use more sustainable vehicles with a variable rate for residential street parking. Hybrid cars receive a 50 per cent discount for street parking and high-impact vehicles such as large 4WDs are charged double the standard fee. More than 1,500 residents have so far taken advantage of discounted parking permits.

Going Places
Melanie Fyfe
Transport Planner - Sustainability

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2012