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Saving energy

Saving energy

Green. Global. Connected.

Those 3 words form part of the mission statement of Sustainable Sydney 2030. The program aims to create a healthier, greener and more vibrant future for Sydney’s residents, workers and visitors by using fewer natural resources, building community relationships and making Sydney environmentally sustainable.

How we save energy

The City of Sydney is making good progress towards this goal. It has so far:

  • invested $7 million into replacing 6,450 outdoor lights with new LEDs over the next 3 years
  • installed 240 solar panels on the Sydney Town Hall roof, which supplies 48 kilowatts of free power to the building, council chambers and offices. This is the largest solar panel installation in central Sydney and these are the first of their kind to be used in Australia
  • pledged a further $6 million for more solar panels to be installed on 30 major City-owned buildings over the next 2 years to generate 12.5 per cent of electricity for the City’s properties
  • invested $18 million to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide emissions across all its properties. It has invested in solar hot water, solar panels, sensor lighting and intelligent control systems that manage energy use
  • plans to have 25 per cent of its energy needs come from renewable sources
  • set a minimum target of a 48 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its properties for 2012.

Green Champion
Kirsten Woodward
Manager Environmental Projects

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2012