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Services for the community

Services for the community

At your service

The City of Sydney provides many different essential services and programs for the local community.

There are 1.8 million City residents that make use of $8.5 million in programs and entertainment each year. Sydney is home to 61 community venues that host 250 community events for children, young people and over 55s.

The City also provides 65,000 Meals on Wheels every year to people at home and community centres.

Food for thought
Tammy Chor
Meals on Wheels

Children and young people

Four child care centres in Alexandria, Redfern and Glebe offer a safe space for children up to 5 years old that come from more than 1,127 families.

More than 1,800 young people take part in after school and holiday programs provided by the City.

Children need transport to ferry them to and from various activities and events. Extensive transport options are provided during school holidays.

Young at heart
Helen Xiros
Manager Youth Services

Homeless Street Count

One of the goals set up in the New South Wales Homelessness Action Plan is to reduce the number of rough sleepers by 25 per cent in 2013. The City is committed to meeting this target

Twice a year the City conducts a homeless street count in the middle of the night. It tallies the people who "sleep rough" in Sydney streets, and those occupying beds in hostels and shelters.

During the count, rough sleepers are not woken or approached. Specific details about the rough sleepers, such as locations, are not released in the final report.

Last updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2012