Paws and laws

Dogs and cats and pocket pets 

Pets play a positive role in the community's wellbeing, and bring pleasure and companionship to many of our residents. The City of Sydney balances the needs of pets and their owners with the needs of the wider community through our policies and services.

Our policies explain how we keep pets and people safe, and outline your responsibilities as a pet owner. Our services ensure that you can meet your responsibilities as a pet owner and that your pet remains healthy, well-socialised and safe.

Backyard chickens 

If you want to produce your own free range or organic eggs each day, you can have a few hens in your backyard (roosters are not permitted) in the City of Sydney local area.

Our Green Villages site provides more information about the best breeds, where you can get chickens and how you'll need to prepare your backyard.

Native animals 

Wildlife in the local area is on our radar for protection under our urban ecology strategic action plan. Did you know there are 4 threatened species who live and forage across the City of Sydney?